We are professional motorcycle filters factory in China.

Main Proudct: Motorcycle Air Filter, Motorcycle Oil Filter, Motorcycle Fuel Filter.
Custom: OEM & ODM Service
Certificate: ISO 9001, CE certificate

(1) Use Top grade quality PP plastic material to make filters without fracture or deformation, good sealing effect when installation.
(2) Use professional import filter paper,The filter paper is cured at high temperature and the filtering effect is 99.9%.
(3) Use professional filter sponge, the filtering effect reaches the standard after secondary foaming.

Our Air Filter:
Installing a high-flow air filter will allow you to get maximum performance from your motorcycle. Jiabin motorcycle air filters uses special cotton fabric that provides a medium for oil suspension and also features a molded rubber sealing surface for an airtight fit. Jiabin motorcycle air filters manufactures a large selection of OEM replacement filters that increase flow for higher performance and stop more dirt than normal paper filters.

Our Oil Filters:
We also has a wide selection of OEM replacement motorcycle oil filters. Dependable protection from Fram oil filters (complete with all gaskets), Vesrah oil filters trap the smallest particles and are manufactured fom the finest filter paper, Jiabin oil filters are a very high quality motorcycle oil filter, Stable performance and High quality.

Our Fuel Filters:
The faster your fuel flows, the more performance you can get out of your bike. Motorcycle fuel filters can be either flashy or efficient. Either way, we have motorcycle fuel filters available. We have a number of motorcycle fuel filters in a variety or colors, sizes and styles Filters which you can choose.


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model:Bombardier ATV
500 Quest 03-04
500 Traxter Auto CVT 05
650 Quest 02-04
650 Quest Max 04
650 Quest XT 02-03
650 Traxter 650 Auto CVT 05
650 Traxter Max 650 Auto CVT 05
John Deere ATV
650 Trail Buck 05
650 Trail Buck EX / EXT 05
Sea-Doo Marine
GTI 06
GTI 130 08-12
GTI 4-TEC 07
GTI 4-TEC Rental 07
GTI Limited 155 11-12
GTI Rental 06
GTI Rental 130 08
GTI SE 155/130 08-12
GTR 215 12
GTS 130 11-12
GTX 07
GTX 215/155 08-12
GTX 4-TEC 02-06
GTX 4-TEC LTD 03-06
GTX 4-TEC SC (Supercharged) 03-06
GTX 4-TEC WAKE 03-06
GTX iS 215 10-11
GTX Limited iS 260 10-12
GTX S 155 12
RXP 04-07
RXP-X 255 08-11
RXP-X 260 12
RXT 05-07
RXT 260 11-12
RXT iS 260 10-12
RXT-X 260 10-12
RXT-X aS 260 10-12
Wake 155 08-12
Wake Pro 215 08-12

Min Order (MOQ): 500 pcs

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